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Make breakthrough improvements to your product and process with Stat-Ease 360. This “pro” version augments Design-Expert software with commanding features for advanced users. Capitalizing on the same streamlined workflow that makes Design-Expert best-in-class for design of experiments, technical professionals who are running computer experiments or want to implement Python scripting can now take advantage of all new functionality. Space-filling designs, Gaussian process models, Python scripting, and a new logistic classification node make Stat-Ease 360 a more powerful version of Design-Expert!

Stat-Ease 360 makes it incredibly easy to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Give it a try to see what it can do for accelerating your research and making it a huge success. Download the Stat-Ease 360 feature sheet.


  • Watch the Stat-Ease 360 launch webinar: The Debut of Stat-Ease 360 presented by Martin Bezener, Stat-Ease President & CTO.Watch Python Integration with Stat-Ease 360 presented by Hank Anderson, Vice-President of Software Development.More on-demand videos available on the Stat-Ease YouTube Channel.


Python Integration

Create Python scripts that interact with Stat-Ease 360. Make use of the entire Python ecosystem to visualize, analyze, and make the most of your data.

Gaussian Process Models

Analyze deterministic responses such as those from computer experiments with Gaussian process models.

Space-Filling Designs: Latin Hypercube & Optimal Distance

These designs have many desirable properties that make them ideal for computer experiments.















This document details installation of the single-user version of Stat-Ease 360 software for macOS, version 13.

























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