Design-Expert® Software, V13

Make breakthrough improvements to your product and process with Design-Expert software. Screen for vital factors and components, characterize interactions and, ultimately, achieve optimal process settings and product recipes. Set flags and explore contours on interactive 2D graphs; then visualize the response surface from all angles with rotatable 3D plots. Finally, maximize desirability for all your responses simultaneously and overlay them to see the “sweet spot” meeting all specifications. Design-Expert makes it incredibly easy to apply powerful multifactor testing tools. Give it a try to see what it can do for accelerating your research and making it a huge success. Download the DX13 Feature Sheet.

New Release: Version 13!

  • The release of Design-Expert version 13 includes many new additions to its design, analysis, and visualization components. All done while keeping our intuitive and easy-to-use interface intact.


Design Your Experiment

Design-Expert provides powerful tools to lay out an ideal experiment on your process, mixture or combination of factors and components. Build robust designs via in-line power calculations and the ability to add blocks and center points. Design- Expert’s design wizards and intuitive layouts such as the stoplight configuration for two level factorials make it all far easier than you’d even imagine.

Analyze Your Data

Design-Expert makes it easy to see what, if anything, emerges as statistically significant and how to model the results most precisely. Automated model-reduction tools, paired with in-line diagnostic graphs, provide a streamlined analysis process. It provides the confidence you need to present and publish your findings. Test it with one or more of the data sets that come with the software.

Visualize Your Results

Design-Expert offers a wide selection of graphs that help you identify standout effects and visualize your results. Its outputs create a strong impression when you communicate your findings to supervisors and peers. Download the free trial today, skim through the response surface tutorial provided under ‘Help’, and see for yourself.

What’s New

Version 13 of Design-Expert software (DX13) provides a substantial step up on ease of use and statistical power for design of experiments (DOE). It lays out an array of valuable upgrades for experimenters and industrial statisticians.

  • Modify Design Space Wizard
  • Poisson Regression
  • Multiple Analyses per Individual Response
  • Rounding Factor or Component Settings
  • Import Data Set

See DX13’s amazing features for yourself via the free, fully functional, trial download at

 Modify Design Space

Expand, contract, or shift your design space to hone in on an optimal area. DX13’s wizard makes this easy for both process and mixture designs. Re-use existing data (or remove some) and make the most out of your experiment!

Poisson Regression

Use Poisson regression to fit more precise models when the response is count data (discrete, non-negative), such as the number of defects per unit or the number of occurrences per time period.

Multiple Analyses

Easily model any response in various ways to easily compare them. Simply press the plus (+) button on the Analysis branch and try different model reduction methods or transformations. Choose the best analysis for achieving optimization goals.


This document details installation of the single-user version of Design-Expert® software for macOS, version 13.


























The tutorials and their data files are also available within Design-Expert via the Help menu.

The One-Factor Categoric tutorial is the best place to start for new users of the program.

For users interested in Response Surface Methods, the Multifactor RSM tutorial is a good place to start.

The Mixture Designs tutorial is recommended for all formulators to learn about the fundamentals of mixture design in Design-Expert.

Download .zip of all tutorials in PDF

Try the free 14-days trial!

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