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ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)


1. ISO 14001 Executive Briefing

Learning Objectives:

Understand the rationale supporting EMS Model

The ‘PDCA’ Continual Improvement in Environmental Performance Evaluation

Technique, Tools & Strategies to identify, select and analyse the significant environmental impact.

EMS Implementation Strategies

Target : Executives who have no time to attend lengthy course are provided with vital information on EMS Concept, Strategy for Implementation & Status Analysis and Certification Achievement.

2. ISO 14001 Internal EMS Auditor Course

Learning Objectives:

Interpretation of ISO 14001 requirements, its ‘PDCA’ model and its scope and application.

EMS Audit Concept e.g. “Significant Environment” Aspect Audit Trail to monitor and measure Environmental Performance.

Establishment of EMS Audit Tools to achieve Continual Improvement.

Target :Environmental Management Representatives, Internal EHS Officers/EMS Auditors, mission specific personnel.

3. ISO 14001 Introduction and Implementation

Learning Objectives:

Understanding of ISO/EMS Documentation Structuring and Drafting, Document Control Mechanisms

The development and implementation of EMS Documentation & Records Management with respect to significant environmental aspect/impact

Documents Review mechanism for Continual Improvement

Target : Personnel in middle management, engineers/supervisors, document controllers and those who are mission specific.

4. ISO 14001 Introduction and Awareness Course

Learning Objectives:Introduction and Awareness of EMS Requirements & its ‘PDCA’ model

The identification of significant environmental impact,its relevance and importance to your job performance

Awareness of Emergency preparedness and response

Target : Supervisory level and operations staff.

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