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IATF16949:2016 – Automotive Quality Management



1. IATF16949 Executive Briefing

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the automotive requirements of IATF16949

Providing a basis for strategic business management in relation to the implementation of IATF16949 into the company’s QMS

Target : Executives who have no time to attend lengthy course are provided with vital information on QMS Concept, Strategy for Implementation & Status Analysis and Certification Achievement.

2. IATF16949 Introduction and Awareness Course

Learning Objectives:

Introduction to the automotive requirements of IATF16949, its relevance and importance to your job performance.

Understand the important tools: APQP/PPAP, FMEA, Control Plan MSA, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, Tooling Management

Target : Supervisory level and operations staff.

3. IATF16949 Internal Auditor Course

Learning Objectives:

Interpreting the requirements IATF16949:2016 in the context of ‘Process Based’ & ‘PDCA’ Approach

Learn to audit the overall performance of business operations with respect to IATF16949 requirements.

Evolution of auditing principles and methodologies to “Process Approach” Auditing to gain tangible benefits (value added) from auditing.

Target : QMR/Internal QMS Auditors & mission specific personnel.

4. IATF16949 FMEA Training

Learning Objectives:

Principles and Procedures:
1. Process FMEA
2. Evaluation criteria
3. Problem-solving tools
4. Design FMEA
5. Review exercise

Practical Analysis: 1. Process capability and occurrence
2. Failure cause investigation by DE
3. Review exercises

Target : QMR/Internal QMS Auditors & mission specific personnel.

5. IATF16949 Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Program

Learning Objectives:

preventive maintenance: direct result of customer expectations of supply capability and delivery reliability, where it is achieved provided there is a stable availability of the means of processes and therefore a main factor of cost management

predictive maintenance: activities based on process data aimed at the avoidance of maintenance problems by prediction of likely failure modes to prevent disruption of production

Key Topics: means of operations, maintenance measures, maintenance planning, analyses of weakness & risks, management of equipment’s spare parts, repairing damage & predictive maintenance

Targets: QMR/Internal QMS Auditors & mission specific personnel.

6. IATF16949 Tooling Management Program

Learning Objectives:

Tooling Management: important since efficient tooling management is a required ingredient in sucessful operation of a quality system & aid in reduction of costs

Key Topics: personnel competence, outsourced activities, tools identification and training system, storage and discovery, spare parts management, noew tools fabrication, set-up & verification, maintenance & repair facilities, tool modification, control of documents, records management

Targets: QMR/Internal QMS Auditors & mission specific personnel.

7. IATF16949 APQP (Advance Product Quality Planning), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) & Control Plan

Learning Objectives:

Introduction of Tools & Methodologies to systematically plan product, part and process design and development activities prior to mass production.

Identification of key product, part and process characteristics throughout the product life cycle to ensure meeting of customer requirements.

Development of APQP, PPAP & Control Plans

Target: QMR/Internal QMS Auditors & mission specific personnel.

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