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Earth Village, the professional development arm of IQC Group, is set up to meet the increasing demand for management system enhancement in the world market.

About Earth Village

With the increasing globalization and competitiveness of business, it is more important than ever that all organizations must optimize their effectiveness, efficiency and customer relationship management to maintain a competitive position within the marketplace. As a result, all employers throughout the world recognize the value of using management system to control business risks and to contribute values.

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Earth Village’s Vision

To assist people who have skills & talents to market their products & services to everyone on Earth to add value & improve the quality of everyone’s life.



Earth Village’s Mission

  • To identify individual’s inner Genius & transform into value-added Intellectual Property

  • To instill R&D skills & install integrated operations management system in our customer’s organization to optimize their system, product & service performance.

  • To protect the Intellectual Property of our customer through patent registration.

  • To provide an international ON-LINE marketing platform to customer to market their products & services worldwide

  • To provide equal opportunity to everyone through Earth Village’s integrated value added services.


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